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 "99.9 - Keiji Senmon Bengoshi" will have a sequel. yehhh !!!
They announced today the season 2 and it will be broadcast on January 2018 on TBS.

I am so happy for MatsuJun. Well done J !
I have to confessed that I watch just the first episode. I like it, but I didn't have time to watch all episodes back then.
Now I will watch for surely.

credit: 999_2018tbs@twitter

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Today JE release the covers for Tsunagu Single and they are amazing !!!!
Arashi look so cool and serious. Beautiful!

I love these covers.
And it will have making-of! <3
They release the single on June 28th

LE version:


credits: Johnny's net

  1. Tsunagu

  2. Oki ni mesu mama

  3. Oki ni mesu mama (original karaoke)

     DVD: Tsunagu (music + making-of)
       Lyrics booklet included: 16 pages

RE version:


credits: Johnny's net

  1. Tsunagu

  2. Reach for the sky ~ Ten made Todoku ~

  3. Dakishimetai

  4. Under the radar

  5. Tsunagu (original karaoke)

  6. Reach for the sky ~ Ten made Todoku ~ (original karaoke)

  7. Dakishimetai (original karaoke)

  8. Under the radar (original karaoke)
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I'll be there was release on April 19th.

I just finished hearing the new single.
I like the musics, but the great thing is: this is the first time I really enjoy the karaoke songs. All of them.

The Tracklist :


1. I'll be there
2. Unknown (with Sakurap)
3. Treasure of Life
4. I'll be there (Instrumental)
5. Unknown (Instrumental)
6. Treasure of Life (Instrumental)


1. I'll be there
2. Unknown (with Sakurap)
3. Treasure of Life
4. Round and round

I'll be there is good and I think it really suits the dorama. It's a good single.
But my favorite is Round and round. I like Treasure of Life. The only I didn't like very much is Unknown. The rhythm didn't catchy me.
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So, on April 17th, has start the new dorama with Aiba-chan, Kizoku Tantei.

The sinopsis from DramaWiki : Elegantly dressed, the protagonist of this drama is an aristocrat who dose detective works as a part of his hobby. Nobody knows him really. His age, academic records, family, where he lives and even what his real name is are all wrapped in a mystery. He does not seem to have a job properly. With gentlemanly behavior, he always bears in mind ladies first. He is a man of dignity who has a strong will as a nobleman and he’ll never be obsessed with power. He works on top police officials when coming across incidents, and this makes a Police detective Hanagata Raiu get involved to resolve cases together.
“A chore like reasoning is for servants” he says, and enjoys talking to women he meets along cases. Meanwhile, his extremely loyal servants Yamamoto the butler, Tanaka the maid, and Sato the driver start investigation on crime-scenes instead.

Dorama's official site:

It's based on the novel "Kizoku Tantei" by Yutaka Maya, published 2010.05.26.

I am so excited for this dorama. I am in loving with this new look of Aiba. This poster is so cool !!!
He seems more self-confident, more interesting, misterious, kyaaahhh
I hope someone subs this fast.
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I was looking for some mangas to read and look what I found: a manga based on the same novel that it will have a movie with Riida. I didn't find the novel it self to read but this manga is complete translated and available online in open sites. It should be cool to read until the movie is out.

These are some images that I take from Google

Looks cool and I liked the drawing.
Shinobi no Kuni it's a story about the struggles happening during the 16th century in Iga, a region famous by the Iga Shinobi, the ninjas from Iga according to MangaFox. I will start reading soon. I hope I like it.
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Wow. Has be a year since a update here...

Akemashite omedetou!

Happy 2017 !

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I found this on google

So funny !!! lol

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There are out the covers of Ai wo Sakebe

I really enjoy them !!
So cool


Ai wo Sakebe LE version


Ai wo Sakebe RE

the pictures aren't mine. cred to j-web


Aug. 4th, 2015 03:11 am
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Arashi is a japanese boyband, formed in 1999. Its members are (left to the right):

Sakurai Sho, Ninomiya Kazunari, Aiba Masaki, Matsumoto Jun and Ohno Satoshi

this image isn't mine, cred to tokyosoda

I know they since 2011. It was love at the first sign. They can singing, acting, hosting variety shows. They do amazing things and they are truly friends. That's why I love them <3
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I am new on dreamwidth. I didn't know about this social network, but I am loving to use it!

I am a 24 years old girl who loves Arashi, so you can expect a lot of fangirling ^^

English isn't my first language, so I apologize in advance for any mistakes.

Well, this is it.

Yoroshiku Oneigashimasu !!!


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